What is Addyi?

There is something new to help women enjoy the pleasure of sex once again. There is a new product on the market that is similar to Viagra but it is designed for women. The product is called Addyi and is a pill that will help women become sexually aroused once again. This is the first medication of its kind that is designed to help treat sexual dysfunction in women. This pill will work with the chemistry in the brain and will help increase sexual desire in women.

Women have been experiencing a lack of sexual desire for a number of years and there was nothing that was really able to help them until now. Addyi has been shown to help women of all ages including those in their 20s and 30s. Women of this age are worried about getting into a relationship due to the lack of sexual desire.

While Addyi has been on the market since last October it is still very hard to get even with a prescription. Women have to answer a number of questions about their relationship and lifestyle. Women that have taken this pill admitted that shortly after they began to think about having sex. Women have also reported to responding to the touch from their parent and even a simple touched turned them on. Women have reported having better quality sex while using this supplement as well. They were able to enjoy it more and focus on the sexual act.

Now a woman does not have to be embarrassed at any age if she is experiencing sexual dysfunction. The new medication Addyi can help a woman get her desire back and will allow her to enjoy sex once again.